Secondary – Welcome Note

The Lord says, “Children are a heritage from the lord, and children are a reward from Him.” SMP Kristen Tritunggal Immersion sees students as God’s precious children who need to be educated and taught about the values of God’s Kingdom. Therefore it is the school’s goal to properly equip and prepare students for the life of quality influence God has planned for them.

The SMP Kristen Tritunggal Immersion curriculum is referred to the National Education Curriculum and has been integrated with the Bible as it focuses on the significance of practicing Biblical values in daily teachings and learning. Students are delivered highly-valued subjects, among others, Faith, Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, and Information, Computer & Technology, to prepare them for both national and international learning.

Lessons in SMP Kristen Tritunggal Immersion are mostly conducted in English in which several are taught by native speakers of English. The school applies conceptual and creative learning and teaching strategies to promote excellent education for its students. Support programs such as AVK and PCT-Character Analysis aid in understanding the characteristics of each student thus suitable assistance can be planned and carried out to bring out the best in each student.

We have been blessed with competent, dedicated, and God-fearing teachers and staff who are ready to work side by side with parents to explore every student’s talents and potential.

In addition to a wide range of clubs and extra-curricular activities for students to choose from, a number of support programs enhance our goal to educate students holistically. These programs are varied and adjusted to accommodate the needs of students in each grade level. Among them are:

  • New Student Orientation Day
  • Boys Brigade
  • Outdoor Learning
  • Field trips abroad
  • Olympics

Since 2004 SMP Kristen Tritunggal has been a member of Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) which provides excellent partnership with other Christian schools worldwide thus opening up new avenues for the school to grow and develop. Other benefits include respectable opportunities for students, teachers, staff, and parents to learn and advance.

In Him, we will educate our students to be strong Christian leaders, practice brotherly love for all, be independent, think globally, and exhibit highly-developed talents. May our BRIGHT leaders for the future bless this nation and influence to make a difference.