Elementary – Curriculum

SD Kristen Tritunggal Immersion has many programs to support their vision and mission.

Daily morning devotions is the time specifically set aside for teachers and students to share about their spiritual life. Often, devotions will be about Bible stories, but there are also times when students can share experiences, feelings, and emotions with their friends and teachers. Starting in third grade a number of morning devotions are led by the students.

We have cooking class twice a semester. The recipes are simple for 1st and 2nd grades but are more complicated for 3rd and 4th grade students. We avoid having the younger students near stoves and knives but as they grow older, we give them more responsibility with strict monitoring from the teacher. There are times when students are asked to come up with a recipe of their own…they’re really happy if the entire class loves their recipe.

Chapel is a gathering of the students, teachers, and staff of the entire Immersion program to praise and worship Jesus. We sing Christian songs, pray, see a short play once in a while, watch a movie, even enjoy a mini performance by the teachers. It’s a load of fun.

Project Showcases are one of our special occasions when parents come to see our students perform. With the teachers’ help, students present a special program to their parents. Project Showcases in Immersion can be dramas, experiments, speeches, even musicals. Lots of themes have been used for our project showcases; some are current issues and others are taken from the lessons they have been discussing in class.


Spirit Week is fun week. Everyday of spirit week is assigned a different theme. We’ve had animal day when we came to school with clothes that have animal pictures on them, freeze day when we had to freeze if somebody says “freeze”, career day when we dress as doctors, nurses, police officers, farmers, lawyers, and many other occupations.


The Immersion Olympics is the event our students always look forward to. They work in teams to play many games and solve puzzles or riddles. The main purpose of the Immersion Olympics is teamwork and sportsmanship.


The Spelling Bee is the peak of the Immersion Olympics and every student is asked to participate. Even though there are only three winners for every grade, each student is considered a champion for trying.


Twice a semester students are given the opportunity to experience topics they don’t get to learn about in school by going on a field trip. In the past a visit to a Batik manufacturer or a jamu factory have been fun and informative field trips. While some field trips are for academic purposes, the goals of other field trips are to build students’ motor skills, confidence and self-esteem in forms of outbound games.

Christmas and Easter Celebrations are held in Immersion every school year. As a family, we feel it is important to celebrate these two important events together. Our bond becomes stronger and we remind each other to understand the true meaning of Christmas and Easter.

To build a stronger horizontal bond with others and vertical relationship with the Lord we hold annual Friendship Camps for our upper grade students. Students and teachers go on a retreat for two nights and hold various praise and worship activities, workshops, cell groups, games, and talent shows.

We strive to show God’s love to our students everyday. Through the True Love program, we give our students the opportunity to show God’s love not only to their family and friends but also to those who are not as lucky as they are.